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Big Four Bridge Updates

Big Four Bridge Updates

The Big Four Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge spans the Ohio River and connects Louisville, Kentucky to Jeffersonville, Indiana.

The ramp coming off of the Big Four Bridge into Historic Downtown Jeffersonville is scheduled to be opened in 2014 for pedestrians and bicyclists.

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There are many great shops & restaurants within walking distance of the Big Four Bridge, and more coming all the time.

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May targeted for Big Four bridge opening in Jeffersonville

City waiting on installation of lighted handrails

The final touches are being made on the Big Four pedestrian and bicycling bridge, with the most recent opening date slated for mid-to-late May.

Downtown Jeffersonville preparing for Big Four Traffic

Stymied by a barricade, walkers and bicyclists crossing the Ohio River on the Big Four Bridge can only peer into Jeffersonville before turning back and returning to Louisville.

But once the ramp from the pedestrian/bicycle trail is completed on the Indiana side — sometime early next year — it will deposit folks in the heart of downtown Jeffersonville.

More Restaurants Opening in Historic Downtown Jeffersonville

When the conversion of the former railroad bridge crossing the Ohio River began, the concept was that residents of Southern Indiana and Louisville could have easy access to the amenities on the other side of the river.

Ribbon Cutting for Downtown Streetscape Project Linking To Big Four Bridge

It's a half-million dollar welcome mat at the base of the Big Four Bridge in Jeffersonville -- a redesigned Chestnut Street that will connect to the bridge.

Big Four's Big Day

Pedestrian bridge opens to the public to large crowds.

Big Four Station in Jeffersonville

The space that people will enter when they come across the Big Four Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge into Historic Downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana is called Big Four Station. Featuring lots of green space, fountains, a pavilion, and a playground, it is planned as place that people will enjoy for everyday recreation and special events. Big Four Station is scheduled to be completed in Spring/Summer 2014.

Big Four LandingBig Four Station in Jeffersonville

Big Four Station Connection to Spring Street

Spring Street, one of the "Main Streets" of Historic Downtown Jeffersonville, is only one block from Big Four Station. To highlight and reinforce the connection between Big Four Station and the Spring Street area, streetscape improvements will be completed in 2013 on Chestnut Street, the road that connects the two areas. These streetscape improvements include street lights, trees, new sidewalks, bike racks, trash receptacles, and benches.

Big Four Bridge Ramp Construction Photos

December 2012

Big Four Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Ramp Construction - December 2012 Big Four Pedestrian/Bicyle Bridge Ramp Construction - December 2012

Moving Day Making Way for the Big Four Bridge