Commercial Space for Lease – 403 Pearl Street

Jeffersonville Main Street Inc. is the Manager and Owner of the buildings at the Pearl Street Infill Revitalization Project (401, 403, 405, and 407 Pearl Street) that has transformed a parking lot into a vibrant part of the downtown streetscape.  We are a nonprofit organization with the mission to assist in the revitalization of downtown Jeffersonville.  We want to promote the existence and success of small businesses that are essential to the healthy mix of land uses in the downtown district.

The application process to lease commercial space at the Pearl Street Infill Revitalization Project is competitive and space availability is limited. Application review will involve review by the Jeffersonville Main Street Inc. Staff, Board, and Committee Members.

While all applications are welcome, retail and specialty businesses that appeal to the needs of the downtown Jeffersonville community and visitors, and also improve the downtown business mix have priority.  After an application is submitted Jeffersonville Main Street Inc. will review and determine space availability, proposed business use, and the applicant’s ability to operate and adhere to the lease requirements.  Jeffersonville Main Street Inc. will contact applicants that, in its sole discretion, are deemed a successful fit for the available space.

Click here for the Commercial Space Application for 403 Pearl Street